A subscription carefully curated to ensure a superior level of experience for you and your CUPRA.

Service & Maintenance

Your monthly subscription covers you for every service and maintenance cost throughout the year.

Warranty Extension

Rest easy knowing you have a further 2 years over and above your standard warranty with the Warranty Extension.

Insurance (*optional)

Select additional insurance with the full CUPRA Care package for unbeatable service and total freedom from worry.


Stay ahead on and off the road with CUPRA Care benefits.



Get significant savings compared to individual maintenance plan.


Flexibility and convenience.

Configure CUPRA Care as you wish with the additional services you prefer.



You have a 2-year warranty on all operations carried out at your CUPRA Garage.



Our specialists use CUPRA genuine spare parts to offer you maximum quality and durability.


Frequently asked questions about CUPRA Care.

What is CUPRA Care?

CUPRA Care is an all-in-one optional package that combines maintenance services, warranty extension and vehicle insurance.

This service can be ordered at any CUPRA dealer through a subscription model.

What services are included in the all-in-one CUPRA Care?

CUPRA Care combine vehicle maintenance services (Basic: Technical Inspection, oil and filter change. Premium: Technical Inspection, oil, filter change and wear parts), warranty extension (2 + 3 years) and vehicle insurance, as an option. This package may change per market.

How long is CUPRA Care coverage?

CUPRA Care services can be contracted for a period of up to 10 years. They can be contracted at the time of the sale of the vehicle or at any time during the lifespan of the vehicle.

How can I contract CUPRA Care?

CUPRA Care service package can be purchased in any CUPRA service.

What is the price of CUPRA Care?

CUPRA Care is available at a discount of up to 50%. Consult with your workshop to find out all the details and contract the service that best suits your needs.


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The All-In-One Package

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